Brand Identity Design – Is Now The Time?

Brand Identity Design

The purpose of a brand identity is ultimately to influence how the customer perceives the brand. Sometimes it can be difficult to know if your brand identity works. One of the most important questions a brand can ask is, “Do my customers see me for who I am?”

We live in a branded world. People face an endless array of choices, and this makes it harder for brands to get noticed. By investing in the design of your brand identity now, your business will be rewarded with a lasting competitiveness.

A brand’s identity is the sensory experience we have with a brand. It can involve seeing it’s logo, reading it’s messages, and holding it’s packaging. A brands identity will influence how we perceive the brand. It plays a vital role in attracting customers, for whom it then helps build with the brand a personal attachment.

Sometimes it can be difficult to know if your brand identity works. An important question that a brand therefore must ask is, “Do my customers see me for who I am?” Think of your brand identity as your companies personality. Use it coherently and customers will build trust in your brand.

It’s not uncommon for businesses to tweak their brand identity. The largest businesses usually critique their brand every few years. They’ll analyse their current identity and decide if it needs updating to work with current trends.

Case Studies

Look at how the logo of wildlife charity, WWF has evolved over the years.

Picture of WWFs brand identity throughout history


These subtle changes may not appear much, but they were necessary for keeping the brand up to date with current design and technology trends.

Apple have used the same logo for a while, but every few years they change the colours, so that the branding speaks coherently with their current products.

Image of Apples logos


Pepsi have reinvented their logo a number of times since they first traded in 1898. They are a perfect example of a brand that evolves with design trends, as each logo has strong visual links to the era from which it came.

Image of Pepsi logos


What does your brand mean to you and your customers? Think carefully about this and be honest with yourself when asking, “Does my brand identity work as well as it could?” If the answer is no, then a brand refresh could be just what you need.

I recently updated my own brand identity, click here to view.

Please share below your thoughts on brand identity, and when it’s the right time to evolve.

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